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Prayer for Friday,  October 19


Chez and Katie, Knox Mission Hub. Thank God for a new group of Missions Disciplers launched: university students from several campuses across Canada who meet with us to learn how to mobilize. Pray for deepening faith for students who are leading out strongly with them. Pray also for their annual Live Called event in 2 months. 

Elizabeth Matthias

October 19

Though we see signs of revival, the pastor’s daughter is back in hospital—at a critical stage of anorexia, and I’m stretched to the max with counselling and teaching in three churches. Wisdom and grace needed!

Thank you so much for your prayers! 

G and M

October 19--leaving today

Our last update mentioned transitions. Today we’re happy to expand that to some encouraging connections we’ve made since then. About a month ago we visited the Canadian Pioneers office, close to us here in London, Ont., to meet a long term friend whom we meet only occasionally because she has also worked overseas for many years. As she shared with the group in the office she mentioned that she is addicted to the M.E., something we resonated with. Later, when alone with her, we asked her about possibilities of short term work in the M.E. So, she contacted the M. E. regional leadership who then contacted us to ask about our thoughts. The upshot of these was to connect with old friends we’d made in Tunis who now, manage a school in Bethlehem. To our encouragement they invited us to join them for the timeframe we indicated, namely two months. So, all going well, we’ll fly this Friday, the 19th, to Switzerland and then on to Israel to return here Dec. 20th. For these developments we thank you for your prayers.
We also need your prayers as we join our friends in Bethlehem. There we’ll be ‘educational consultants’ in a Christian school. Most of the students in this school are nominal Christians whose first language is Arabic. Most or all subjects are taught in English. The challenge will be to make ourselves useful educationally and fruitful spiritually. In addition to these there will be other areas that have potential for commitment and fruitfulness. Please pray for us as we move on.
In the last update I also mentioned the English teaching opportunities we have here in London. These people represent an interesting/challenging part of the religious mosaic of the M. E. We’ve told them of our travels, not mentioning the destination, and that we’ll be back. In addition to the Gospel of John the Iranians have now received the whole N.T., of course in their own language! So, we’re excitedly moving on. Thanks for your prayers. 

Mission Sunday

Sunday, Oct 29

Morning speaker Susanna Muntz, Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Following the morning service, please come hear from our supported missionaries. Dom Goold will tell us the story of a new intentional student community house on Scarborough campus. It's a 5-year-old dream that has become a reality. Students from around the world living in an intentional community and poised to actively pursue living out the gospel in the house and on campus. Come hear how Holy Spirit has been leading and guiding them tangibly ever step of the way as they actively pursue inviting others into a relationship with the living God. This is a first ever experience for Inter-Varsity. Come see how Knox is participating as part of this story.
Knox World Mission will be serving Pizza Lunch during this time of sharing. See you there.  


Susanna Muntz, Wycliffe Bible Translators

Luke and Yuko Elliot

October 18

The last seven days have been a real roller coaster ride as our primary work computer (a MacBook Pro) suddenly went haywire. Yesterday we thought our problems were over as, with the assistance of the Apple Store call center, we were able to perform some procedures that brought the screen back to life and enabled the operating system to boot up normally. Thankfully we immediately backed everything up on Time Machine (we hadn't yet backed up our summer camp photos) because within a few hours the laptop's behavior degenerated to an even worse state than before and we now need to send it in for repairs.

Because we just upgraded to this new laptop in May it is still covered by its one year warranty. However, we are still very anxious because we quite recently watched an investigative report on Apple Repair that was not encouraging at all (lots of excuses for not honoring the warranty and exorbitant repair costs).

Praise: that all the data in this laptop that is vital to our work is safe
Prayer: that the Apple Repair folks won't find any excuse to void the warranty

In other news, we are excited to do another ACC Sunday at Hirosaki Nozomi Church this Sunday (Oct. 21). We are also excited about a closer relationship developing with Aomori Baptist Church's pastor's family and the potential for working together with them on a Sunday evening English Bible Fellowship service, and possibly other new ministry initiatives.

Oct. 19 - Luke & Yuko attend annual dinner hosted by the Gideons (distributors of free Bibles)
Oct. 21 - Luke preaches at Hirosaki Nozomi Church
Oct. 30~Nov. 1 - attend annual retreat of Christian Camping International - Japan as a family
Nov. 3 - Attend OMF Japan's Tohoku North gathering
Nov. 10 - ACC Autumn Work Day

Please especially pray for Work Day & Farewell Luncheon (Nov. 10). We want to make it a special sendoff for Bruce & Miho Truss who, in the past, served sacrificially for about 20 years as caretakers of the Aomori Christian Center. Please pray for a special last visit to ACC and for the Lord's abundant blessing and provision for their transition to the USA. 

Hanneke Cost Budde

October 17

Hello again from Mwanza.
Mahona and Baraka brought Jacky to Mwanza this Monday and her medical tests started that evening. They took X-ray's of her spine and did blood tests. These X-ray s and full blood picture showed no problems. However, the sediment level of her blood was very
high indicating some kind of inflammation or infection. Today we saw the neurologist who really took time to listen and to check her. He looked at all the tests and results and wants some further tests, including a MRI. This we hope to get done this week and then see him again this Saturday or next Tuesday.
Please pray that the real problem will be discovered and Jacky gets the right treatment.
Tomorrow morning Mahona and Baraka will get on the bus to go back to Tabora. Baraka will be taken by the Bongs to Kahama on Thursday for his entrance exam for high school.
Thanks so much for your prayers and support. God bless,
Happy me and kids

Mary Jane Fandwich

Goodness and Dust

Me, me, me shout the little voices as morsels of bread and molasses spread are offered mouthful by mouthful. The older children dip their own bread into the dish of molasses mixed with tahini. The same cry and outstretched hands when the daily vitamin is offered (bought and brought from Canada).
Constant competition, one upmanship permeates the politics of the day over toys and lesson sheets. The noise and shouting are the norm.
So you can imagine the pleasure when a six year old girl cuddles up first thing in the morning on the sofa and unsolicited begins to recite her Bible verses, so pleased with herself. Then the others gather around the computer to hear the new verse played over and over, as they reach for the mouse and querty, trying to be the one who can do it.

Salim was a good friend of my Druze family. He used to drive me to shopping in the nearest town and almost invariably bought us booza (ice cream) on the way home. He regularly sat with his hooka and shared coffee with the family. He had had some surgery, and had pain, but could not afford medical attention. He passed away last Spring, and is truly missed.

The Good Shepherd continues to gather His sheep. 

Leah Hopp

October 15   

Thank you for all your encouragement the times that we did see each other. I will fly from London to Toronto tomorrow, then to Brussels overnight, then I will arrive in Uganda Wednesday evening at 10PM local time. On Thursday, I will get a ride with a colleague for the 8 hours back to the village. I have not heard an update recently about Naduk’s pregnancy. I will find as soon as I can when I return to the mission.

Jim Mason

Click below for my October prayer sheet.


Hanneke Cost Budde

October 13

Hello again. Right now, I am at the Dar es Salaam airport, heading for Mwanza.
I was enjoying our annual AIM conference, which started yesterday, when I received another call from Jacky's school. She had again lost sensation in her legs and had fallen. Some friends from Tabora are picking her up today and take her home. Then she is to be taken to Mwanza on Sunday or Monday. I have already booked her appointment with the neurologist and will have a thorough investigation done. I thank you for your prayers and support.
I will keep you posted.
God bless,
A very concerned mom, but I know that God is able!  


Luke and Yuko Elliot

October 10



Centro Esdras

It is a pleasure to share the work of God through the Center.
We appreciate your support. 


Hanneke Cost Budde

October 8

Finally, once again an update from Tanzania. I am so grateful for each day I get in this hot country, for the work God has given me and for all my wonderful kids.
Since my return to Tanzania I have been more busy than usual. In June I had my friend Kathrin come for a short term. She is a Dermatologist and she is not only very helpful in taking care of the patients we get with skin diseases but also has a gift of teaching us. This was a great time for myself as well as for Thomas as we were able to see and recognize different skin problems. This has helped quite a few patients even after she went back to Germany. If we cannot figure out the problem I send her a picture and other information of the patient and often Dr. Kathrin is able to give us good advice as to how to deal with the problem... 


Wayne and Helen Hancock

October 5

Nicaragua is still in turmoil. Many have escaped the country, fearing for the safety and security of themselves and their families. Citizens continue to look over their shoulder as punishment for involvement in past and recent protests continue. Over 300,000 jobs have been lost with more anticipated as the economy continues to stumble. Human Rights organizations have been pushed out of the country. Church leaders have been targeted, splintering congregations.
Meanwhile, there are bright lights shining in the relative quiet of the Skylark Retreat Centre in Los Medranos and we have you to thank for that! Our newest "Best Start in Christ" report is available here now. We are thrilled that programs are being offered not only for children and women, but now for men as well. One of these men is Freddie, who we would like you introduce to you through our latest Blog post. He is dreaming big, and we are right alongside him. We are also excited that amongst the women that are now learning baking skills, five are teachers who are taking their learning into their classrooms!
God's hand is on this place and we continue to be amazed.
Your support, in its various forms, has been instrumental in sustaining hope, and we could not be more grateful. It is fitting that we think of you on this (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend. We wish you a wonderful weekend as well, filled with many things for which you can be thankful. 


Xerggyo and Hil    

October 5

Yesterday Hil had her last appointment with her chiropractor here in Mexico City. Today we will leave for Toronto. They have already secured a tourist visa online.



Mission Aviation Fellowship responds to earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Your help is needed!

MAF’s Disaster Response Team along with our programs in Papua and Kalimantan, is responding to the disaster on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, caused by a 7.4 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that occurred on Friday, 28 September. The city of Palu was especially hard-hit.


Hanneke Cost Budde

October 4

Today was Ngassa's graduation. He still has to pass his final exam.... They celebrate before they finish!
This graduation only lasted 5hours...the graduation of the kids in the school at Kahama lasts 9hours!!!
So I was happy it did finish early 😁
I went with Naomi. Tim and Cathy also attended. Ngassa was very happy!
With his last mock exam he got division 3...I hope and pray that he will get this at his final exam.

Tomorrow, Mahona will be leaving for his final year for his Master's degree. He is very excited!
We have started with the foundation of the wall for our new home. This is now complete. Tomorrow they start building the wall. The gates are being welded. After this has been completed I will start saving up for the main house.  


Ann Chow

October 1

Thank you for your prayers! 100% of the 931 IJM staff from around the world traveled safely to Dallas from their home countries. Only 2 were detained in Miami and Dallas and were released to join us for our global staff conference. Nobody was lost, thank God! We set everyone up in WhatsApp chat groups for each flight and were able to track their movements to Dallas that way. It was very exciting to realize they were all flying in at the same time!

We camped out at the airport in order to welcome 38 group flights this past week. It was so fun to greet everyone and welcome them to the USA. Some it was their first flight on a plane and many their first time to the USA.

It was my joy to meet my points of contact from each field office for the first time after very intense interactions applying for passports, visas and booking their flights.

Now that we are all safely here, I am so grateful for your prayers. I've connected with the IJM Canada team and other staff from around the world. They are truly an inspiring organization! One Team. One Fight is their motto. They are very grateful to me and my team for our work to get almost all staff here, except 18 staff due to visa denials.

We are now at a camp in the middle of Texas that is complete with water slides and mini golf. Everyone is very relaxed and excited about what God will do this week. We started with a huge family feast and a conga line! :)

Thank you again for your prayers, you are never far from my heart and mind. 


Rosemary Walker

September 30

Yesterday, Saturday, I had a very nice time out. One of my students (a retired major in the army) and his wife, both lovely Christians, took a few fellow-students, a little Korean missionary to Kazakhstan (or is it Uzbekistan?) and me by car yesterday about an hour’s drive away to a steep hill, where we climbed up a fair way to see a Buddhist temple and a lovely view.

It was sad to see people praying to Buddha rather than to our heavenly Father through our Lord and Saviour, but we had a fun time together, and the view was very beautiful. It seems that this country is, for the most parts, covered with hills mountains, and there are about 3,000 islands of different sizes around the coast. We were later recompensed for all our hard climbing by being taken to a nice buffet. Lots of new dishes to try, that’s for sure. My main concern at the school and elsewhere is always to avoid any dishes that look red. They are, for sure, very spicy! After dinner, everyone around the table shared a favourite verse or so, and our host and chauffeur closed in prayer. I had a regular Bible with me, but the rest of them all just flipped on their telephones to the verses they wanted to share. It was a precious time.

Now, after a blessed Lord's Day and a good sermon on Abraham’s prayer for Sodom and Gomorrah, I'm going to try to get to bed in good time for heading into a new week at school. Please pray that the Lord help me get to bed by 11 or so, something I find hard to do, even though during the week we have breakfast at 7:20 in the morning with the students. 

Bill Fitch

Listen to Learn 25 K Fundraiser

Many of you have had a chance to meet the four Listen to Learn staff who are in Canada just now... but now all of you have the chance to help them in a tangible way. You see, they're all riding 25km this Saturday in the Ride for Refuge. But while they can inject the sweat equity, they have no Canadian friends apart from us to pledge them support. So why don't we show them how much we appreciate their efforts - not just on Saturday, but on every day of the year making Listen to Learn a reality in East Africa.

I'm listing them here with pics and donor-page links. Why not choose one of them (or more) and show them some love? It's an easy way to encourage them in what they're doing. 



Henry Wedende, COO, Listen to Learn Kenya.     



Susan Tela, L2L Kenya Communications Manager



Sam Namnaba, L2L Kenya Translations Manager



Isaac Makali, L2L Tanzania COO-designate

Ann Chow

September 28

We welcomed 515 people yesterday on group flights. More today but everything is going smoothly.

Xerggyo and Hil

September 27

Hil´s back is better now,
the chiropractor fix her back, neck and elbow,
she recovering very well, and now preparing our flight back home.

Yesterday I worked with the mechanic fixing my motorbike, preparing to sell,
and also, at my parents’ home I am fixing a small wood house, I have 3 carpenters helping me,
hopefully in 3 days we finish; we installing a new floor and change some beams.

- pray for total recovery of Hil´s health and mine 
- pray for our new travel to the field; for safety and permission to enter
- pray for our application of student visa when we arrive
- pray for our last activities with the churches here


Rosemary Walker

September 27

Hi from Yeosu! All is well here, and I hope that all is well with you. Many thanks to those who wrote me lately. So good to hear from you!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Click below to find my prayer letter. 


Norine Love

September 26

 Had the surgery yesterday at 8 a.m. at Women's College Hospital, and all appears to have gone well. The surgeon said afterwards that she had needed to take only the middle part of the thyroid.

Sore throat, barfed a bit, but what is that?! My voice is coming back rapidly, so no apparent damage to vocal cords. Have pills to control pain when swallowing, etc. Supposed to not exert myself and to lay low for a few days, but I have already been practising some of that with retirement. :)

In a couple of weeks I'll learn if they found anything troublesome (cancer was not suspected at this point as those prior tests were all negative), or if I need to take thyroxin. 


Omid Gharebaghi

September 24

Congratulations to Omid Gharebaghi, Knox custodian, who became a Canadain Citizen at noon today.

Hanneke Cost Budde

September 24

Warm greetings from all!!!
I am still in Mwanza. Faraja has some allergy and I have his meds.
Jacky has not been doing her physio at school and now her nerves are blocking her feelings in her legs and cause pain at times. She now knows that she needs to continue to do her exercises and she has medicine to help her nerves to be restored.
Please pray that she will be fine now.
I went to the dentist today as my tooth had broken off. They were able to drill and fill!.... I am a poet!
Yesterday we went to visit Sayi and Kashinje. Sayi can now stand and with a walker he can move slowly. He can now use his hands. As he cannot do things with the other kids I have left some money for him for drawing materials and for clothes and physio therapy. I also left some for Kashinje who now finished primary school and is doing better. She had a nice visit with Jacky.
This afternoon I am taking Faraja to the specialist. hopefully all will be OK.
Tomorrow we will have the long trip to Kahama and then home to Tabora.
In Tabora all is well and Mfaume has been in charge of supervision of the building of the foundation of the wall for our new home.  


Bill Fitch

Listen to Learn

Time withh Bill Fitch at Knox today.


Hanneke Cost Budde

September 23

Ngassa: "I am so happy and I so glad for results that I passed with division three {3} point 21 I had the B=2 C=3 C=3 C=3 C=3 D=4 D=4=21 points which I passed more but one F."


Carluci and Christina dos Santos

September 23

The IFES conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia, went very well. My presentations were well received; I had a wonderful experience. I am very grateful for everyone’s prayers. There were 90+ students from Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. I continue to hear wonderful testimonies of the work these and other students are doing in their colleges/universities. There are several photos and some videos of the talks I gave on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ecua.ifes/) .

Two of our Canadian missionaries, working in Costa Rica, will be going to Colombia/Venezuela in October to explore the possibility of starting a chicken/egg farm to support the people of Venezuela. Please pray that they would meet the right people and have a clarity as to the next steps.

Please pray for as we prepare for our AGM, November 17: we need a couple of new board members.

We are very grateful as we continue to experience God’s faithfulness in the work of the Mission.

The girls are all at U of Toronto, living at home, and we are very grateful for their commitment and faith in Jesus Christ! 

Luke and Yuko Elliot

September 21

Please find a attached our first Summer Camp Season Prayer Letter with many pictures and few words.

We apologize for the large size of this file. Our normal methods of keeping our file sizes down do not seem to have worked. We hope we can figure it out before our next Letter in the series. 


Rev. John Gibson Inkster

Memorial from Toronto Telegram


Knox little church mouse in five stories


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