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Mary Jane Fandrich
April 19

Feeling pretty tired, and wondering what the day would offer, Miss In’am and I gathered the small children and enjoyed our songs, the most recent one being Sing a Song of Sixpence.
The children have the lyrics very distinctly and clearly learned that is, most of the children. It’s great fun to get the boys up to the board and count (The king was in the counting house, counting out his money) by tens to one hundred. Then we reviewed the Bible verses, and that came through well.
The three private school children were precluded from attending the outing to the sea, as it is considered less secure for them to travel with the school. So Hoda remembered that she had an Arabic spelling test coming. That meant a good hour going over her assignment with her. Twice.
Waiting to accompany the van to deliver and collect the public school children, two of the paid teachers stood chatting, and Ra’af waiting with me, offered a recitation of counting by two’s and then by ten’s. Then she broke into a perfect presentation of Sing a Song of Six Pence, and the teachers were overwhelmed.
Ra’af is the size of a three-year-old, but is probably four. She is thoroughly ready for first grade.
Returning to the younger common room, I shared the afternoon treat: spiced noodle soup mix dry, all taste, no nutrition.
Then back to the van to collect Ra’af from public school kindergarten she attends in the afternoon and a bread roll with some egg mixture for supper.
Hoping to call it a day, I remembered promising to spend time with the teen girls at 8:00pm. They didn’t turn up until nine, but one of them came in early and sat and listened with great interest to the story of Jesus’ rescue of the woman caught in adultery (John 8:2-12) What surprised me is that John 8:12 is the bottom line of this narrative. John 8:12 is a verse that many of the children have memorized.
At nine, the girls wanted to watch a movie, and I staggered off to bed. God always knows how to line us up. 

Paul & Mary Beth McLean
April 18

Here is the link to a recent blog post I wrote about training Bible translators in Taiwan


Eleanor Crabtree
April 18

Eleanor has been in hospital in Burlington for the insertion of a pacemaker. Though it is working, fluid has built up in her lungs which causes her to cough a lot. She feels very weak. She will remain in hospital until the fluid is no longer an issue then will be transferred to a respite care facility. Pray for healing, strength and comfort.

Mahona Pascal
April 18

I cannot thank you enough for your prayers, for loving me so well, and for your friendship. :)
God definitely heard all of our prayers for my presentation .I was beyond blow away by His goodness and a ton of growth took place.
God is so good! I'm thankful He has put people like you and your family in my life as well. I was also invited to help on writing emails on 24th of April.
Yesterday after the session they started calling me Professor Mahona. I remember Jack Voelkel who told me that I will be a professor. Please keep praying that this will happen sometimes in future
Many masters students do not have knowledge of using emails as a tool of communication here. Our lecturers ask as to sent our coursework via emails.
Most of the students just go to the google search and do put their emails and search hahaha they don't know how to sign in to and I will be gladly helping them.
I am so proud of Mom and others who always push me to read books and do some writings.

Here is my presentation:

Learning and Writing in the Age of Information Technology.
Student centered Workshop
St. Augustine University of Tanzania- Mwanza

Writing is thought to be an essential for success in the modern global and economy. Without a certain knowledge of writing skills and reading, a career would be somewhat limited if it involves writing and reading skills.
There are many reasons why you/we might need or want to improve your/ our writing skills. Perhaps we/you need to reply to emails at work, maybe you/we need to write an essay or academic work for university, writing letter to your friends or relatives. Etc.
Whatever the reason is that you need to improve your writing skills, you will need to work hard. Having good writing skills writing skills is not something which is easy to achieve.
Therefore, it is recommended that writing becomes a necessity for any global businessperson who wishes to advance his or her career.
When beginning to write you need to consider:
1. Who are you writing to?
2. What is the primary purpose of your document?
3. Why should the reader care about your message?
4. When and where the action take place?
5. What are your expected outcomes?
6. Is the language used not complicating?

Read and write everyday
This is the most important tip to improve your writing skills. You are required to start by thinking of theme, for example, you could start writing a diary of something that happens to you every day. You can write a few lines of a story, or you could write email to your friend. Reading books is helpful in gaining new skills for your writing too. This might be difficult at first but the more you continue, the easier it will become and you might even end up enjoying it.
Check your writing carefully
After you have written something, you should always read it again, either straight away or the next day. When you do this, you will probably see a few mistakes that you didn’t notice when you were writing it. Remember check, spellings, grammar and vocabulary - have you used a particular word many times? Can you think of another way to say it?
Ask someone to check your writing
You should ask your facilitator/ teacher to check your writing for you. I am sure they will be happy to help you. You can also find a person who is having knowledge of writing and write letter or email to each other. When you send a reply, you can also send their letter back to them with correction and they can do the same for you!
Improve your vocabulary
Having a wide range of vocabulary is very important when you are writing. An excellent way to improve your vocabulary is to read as much as possible, e.g. books, magazine, newspapers, use dictionary as well as academic work will help you learn new words. Remember to jot down the words that seems to be hard for you so you can find their meaning.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
It is easy to decide not to do any writing if you are worried that you will make lots of mistakes. However the more you write and get your mistakes corrected, the fewer mistakes you will have! It doesn’t even matter if no one reads it, but writing is a great way to practice your writing. Set a goal and write difference topic!
“To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail”
Good Luck and Happy writing!


Wayne adn Helen Hancock
April 16

Wayne & Helen Hancock, Threefold MInistries: Join them in praising God for the revitalizing of the medical aspect of the ministry with many new doctors, nurses, pharmacists and helpers who have travelled or will travel this year to conduct clinics that are much needed by the local community. Give thanks for the faithful witness of staff and volunteers at the Skylark Centre.

Isabel Jean Elizabeth Affleck

Born to Tom and Sarah, 1:30 pm Sunday April 15


Bill and Vicki Wood

Bill and Vicki are very thankful for the generous words and love expressed by memebers and freinds of Knox. 


David and Angela Morris

We recently received one of the latest songs from our Yemeni brother in Cyprus. He composed this song in memory of those who have suffered in his native country.

Impossible to forget the love and beautiful past,
To replace love with hatred,
To hate the bright light mornings and love
Instead of the long dark nights,
To forget our fragrant flowers,
Or the canaries and palm trees.
Repeat v. 1
Airstrikes and bombs spread all across Sana’a.
Sana’a has become a theatre of widespread killings.
In Yemen there is no accountability for war crimes.
The streets of Yemen that were once full of life
Are now full of mortar rounds.
It’s a very complex war, it’s everyone’s responsibility

Unfortunately we all say that we love Yemen
But is it possible for the impure and the pure
To be mixed together.

Unfortunately we all say….
It’s impossible to say that love will accept this.
If this be the case it’s impossible for you to be my brother.
How could you forget how we were nursed in love
On the arms of Yemen
And that we sang our anthem together
And saluted our flag side by side?

Please pray for the situation in war torn Yemen.
The capital city looks like a heap of rubble.
Pray for the believers and their struggle to rebuild amidst ruins,
For the wounded and homeless and hungry and above all,
That God’s Word will not return void where it has been proclaimed.
Submitted by David and Angela Morris for our dear brother and his family
Living in CY 

Luke and Yuko Elliot
April 12

Thank you for praying for our interactions with local officials in the matter of the causeway crossing the city owned stream.
We have just finished meeting with the chairman of Moya District in which ACC is located. We have been praying, and have asked you to pray, that his heart and mind in this matter would be in the Lord's hand as a stream of water to be directed where God wills. We give thanks for God's answer to this prayer. The chairman carefully listened to our explanation and drove over to inspect the site himself. He expressed the view that, regardless of the history of the causeway (of which there is some uncertainty), it is city land, used not just by us but by the city and some local people as well, and therefore the city's responsibility. He commented that the timing of this being brought to his attention was perfect as the district committee will be meeting on Sunday. He indicated that he will bring the matter before the committee and move that a request be submitted to the city to have the causeway repaired.
Please pray that:
1. His mind and intention will not waver between now and Sunday and that he will do as he said, and
2. That the hearts and minds of the city officials who will receive the request from Moya district will, in turn, be as a stream of water in the Lord's hand, directed in this matter according to His good, pleasing, and perfect will.
Proverbs 21:1
The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD;
he turns it wherever he will. 

Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel
April 11

Once again we are on a Mission, this time, back to Costa Rica, where our whole Missionary Journey began in the first place.
From May 1 to 8, we will be ministering in different ways at the Regional Conference of the United World Mission for nearly 100 Missionaries and their families, who are currently working in Central America or the Caribbean.
We leave tomorrow (April 12th) to visit California in route, where we will be focusing on some dearly loved family members and friends who need a little extra TLC at this moment in time. We are especially concerned for Mary Anne's brother Bob who is facing the recurrence of cancer in his vocal cords. We'll be with Bob and his wife Jan April 13th -15th.
If you do not have the time to read our attached letter, please take just a moment and lift up the following two things to Jesus in prayer:
• Join us in asking for Bob's full healing and blessing and then----
• Ask Jesus to meet everyone who attends the conference in Costa Rica, powerfully and personally, as we study His Word together (John 17) and seek His face in worship and prayer. 

Luke and Yuko Elliot
April 11

Dear Partners in Ministry,
Thank you so much for praying for the right of way for the causeway connecting the public road and Staff House to the Aomori Christian Center across a city owned stream. The right of way was duly renewed, this time in our own names as representatives of the Ski Hill Road neighborhood administration.
Please also be in prayer for the following:
1. Some of you will remember the "M" family from our Kazamaura days (the lumber mill owners) and how we asked for your prayers that they would come to faith. When we were in Toronto preparing for the mission field their daughter "K" visited us, stayed for a working holiday and eventually married a Torontonian. She is currently visiting her parents in Kazamaura with her small son and they are planning to visit us at ACC on Saturday. Please pray that the "Hound of Heaven" will never stop pursuing this family.
2. We praise the Lord that the College and Career group that met with us in February decided not to disband at the end of the Japanese fiscal year (we understand that they were thinking of doing so because so many of them were leaving the region and because they lacked the mentor-ship of elder Christians). We have offered ACC as a permanent monthly meeting place and ourselves as permanent regular mentors to the group. Please pray that they will take us up on the offer in spite of the great distance for some of the members in other cities. Please also pray for our plans to begin "open house" one evening a week for local university students.
3. Please continue to pray as we prepare to approach local officials about repairing the above mentioned causeway that crosses the gorge of the city-owned mountain stream. Please pray that the city will contribute significantly to the repair costs (we contend that the assumption to date that ACC is fully responsible for maintenance costs is not reasonable because city workers use our access road and causeway to maintain city equipment and locals also use it to access or cross the gorge). 

Hanneke is enjoying her time evisiting freinds adn churches while here in Canada. She misses her family back in Tabora.

Elizabeth Matthias
April 7

Wasn’t celebrating Easter a privilege again, for this message to go deeper into our hearts, minds and souls?! Christ had come to defeat the evil one, live our life, and die our death, to raise us to a new life—already! And already it is possible to live with Christ and work with Him in the world as He has taken up residence in us by the Spirit, so that abiding in Him we enjoy fellowship with the triune God—and work together to advance His Kingdom. Life on the vine! A mystery unfolding as we live by faith, Christ in us--increasingly... Happy, happy Easter!
Let me share a couple of true stories/vignettes of “resurrection” with you...
First: A black woman was sitting on the side of a well-travelled road to a game park in South Africa, selling beads used in traditional, ancestral worship ceremonies—except that they weren’t selling... One day a white woman exasperated and frustrated by the poverty and hopelessness of the situation she had often noticed on the commute to her children’s school, stopped in compassion to ask the woman a question: “How was business?” The question, obviously hitting a nerve, released pent up frustration at the rich tourists that never cared to stop and buy beads. The business adviser suggested the tourists didn’t need beads since they worshipped other gods, but did appreciate delicious deep-fried spicy meat pies—and didn’t know how to make them, though a staple for this woman. White people couldn’t make these pies? The bead-seller was incredulous! Leaving wheels turning in the woman’s mind, the business adviser left after the brief exchange. A week later the suggested sign, “Mama’s Meat Pies” appeared on the roadside—and along with it, a steady flow of customers, including the advisor’s children. What really happened? True compassion, pointed questions, perspectives exchanged, truth applied, one life redirected, and many lives materially enriched... Furthermore, racial lines were crossed, two lives intertwined, and a heart further opened to a great resurrection?
Another account: a man in South Africa runs a medium-sized business selling cartridges where the local police department is a good client. Over time, he and the police captain placing the orders become friends, largely through their children. One day the captain discusses something with the business owner and makes an offer: cartridges leftover from the previous year’s stock are to be destroyed in order to secure the level of the next year’s budget request. So the officer asks the businessman: “Wouldn’t it be better not to waste the cartridges (worth approx. US$85,000) and instead of destroying them, resell them—and split the profit? A win/win situation?!” Sixteen young people unemployed in Cape Town are asked what they would advise the businessman—all agree that they would accept the offer—it even likely necessary to maintain good business relations... Another question: are they happy with their corrupt politicians... Emotions flare in the opposite direction! Then they are asked what they think of what God says: “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much” (Lk. 16:10), and also “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Lk. 6:31). These young people were no longer so sure of their position—especially when they learned that when the plot was exposed, the police captain was given the chance to rethink his ways behind bars for five years, and the businessman continued to prosper. What really happened? A true story full of particular “salt and light” from inside a dark world, was intentionally told for a particular issue to be raised, then discussed and pondered upon, with an opportunity given to discern truth for a change of mind... Weren’t individuals given a precious opportunity of self-reflection so that they might question their own false beliefs and lack of integrity...?
One last story: it is a common occurrence that deceased ancestors appear over and over again in dreams to some people living in South Africa, complaining that they are cold, hungry and thirsty, and they demand the (expensive) sacrifice of a cow, promising safety and prosperity in return. Challenging questions are raised: How many cows have been sacrificed to date? Haven’t family members still become sick and died? Is this a shared destiny? Hasn’t the family remained poor? Why hasn’t development advanced with prosperity? How powerful is the ancestor? Can he truly deliver on his promises? Why listen to the spirits of the dead if they do not deliver? Is there one who is more powerful? Isn’t there a God who speaks: “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead” (Deut. 18:10-11)? And again: “And now ... what does the Lord your God ask of you but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and to observe the Lord’s commands and decrees ... for your own good?” (Deut. 10:12-13). And what about the voice of the One Who rose from the dead? Jesus declared: “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty” (John 6:35). Who to believe? A white woman adds a personal testimony: she had to abandon the apartheid belief of her parents, to accept the true voice of God. Sixteen young people also listened to the voice of God, gave it priority, and deeply trusted Christ with their lives for safety and prosperity. What really happened? Didn’t someone boldly enter into other lives—unasked, but with compassion, concern and with truth and wisdom to raise uncomfortable, fundamentally important questions? Haven’t critical questions been raised? Isn’t it important to reason together? Hasn’t truth entered and been accepted? Haven’t some now been raised from the dead?!
This is a glimpse into my surprise trip to South Africa! Just over a month ago, feeling the need to strengthen my DMin work practically, I contacted my roommate from last year’s amazing Discipling Nations conference in AZ, Ena Roberts, who, for 11 years has advanced the goal of making Spirit-filled disciples among apparently unemployable non-Christians! What an ambitious goal—but this was what I’d also heard about at last year’s conference from more than 100 others working in different areas! Throughout South Africa, in almost 50 centers, classes are run twice a month—with others branching into the USA, Wales and the Philippines—for individuals caught in a rut of unemployment due to a poverty mindset, entitlement attitude and with a general lack of excellence. Ena Roberts’ Work 4 A Living (W4AL) program challenges minds and hearts, replacing a largely animistic worldview, but also with some secular influences, for a biblical worldview. This happens so effectively that about 50% of each class (usually 30/class), also commit to Christ—and stay committed to Him—while also contributing meaningfully, i.e. adding “salt and light”, to the economy and society. Ena was just about to train another 14 center facilitators during a two-week class for 16 unemployed individuals—and invited me to join them in Cape Town for a very intense and busy time! (30 minute lunch-breaks were taken standing!) After miraculous funding and a temporary passport produced in just two days at the Canadian consulate in Munich (for one that expires in June), from March 5th- 16th I watched 16 sceptical, discouraged and hardened individuals soften to genuine concern, learn new truths, ponder fundamental questions, come to new conclusions, and to find hope in a new and true perspective on their lives, all (!) giving their lives to Jesus Christ—even as they began to serve others in their communities! The transformation was utterly breathtaking in its speed and depth! This was nothing I could have believed possible before daily experiencing the dramatic change! Then, after a short break on top of the beautiful Table Mountain, I also visited three centers in Port Elizabeth March 20th: the main center, a center in a township and a center run in a church of 5,000 members—before flying back to Munich March 21st. The power of truth to transform lives, while addressing a felt need mired in the lies of a false worldview, through a change in worldview, was evident everywhere!

A few other questions asked of the class participants, most of whom didn’t have the equivalent of grade 12—amongst many other stories told and skills daily developed (practicing interviewing skills, the times tables, and business skills in a competition)—included: Isn’t it enjoyable to volunteer and serve others? Isn’t possible that each individual has something good in him/herself to contribute to society? Must anyone remain poor, remain a victim? What does buying on credit really cost? Is any human being absolutely dependent on others? Is one not able to take responsibility for one’s own life—under God? How much effort does it take to do an excellent job? Is it possible to move from a “worker” to an “owner” mentality? Can one be a catalyst to improve the world, to be a part of the solution to a problem in the world? How rich in natural resources is Africa? Why is it that Africa is viewed as the begging bowl of the world? Is anyone entitled to more than minimum wage? What is the government’s role? Must they provide jobs, or only an infrastructure? What is the role of unions? What are the opportunities in South Africa? Etc!

Just before the end of the classes the participants also watched the powerful 180 video which also challenges beliefs and presses for a change of mind: This video also supplemented the shorter Alpha Youth videos that were shown at the beginning of each day, followed by a brief prayer requesting God’s blessings. Follow-up in discipleship is a very important issue and raised with nearby churches.

It should be no surprise that individuals who gain a certificate from the W4AL program turn out to be excellent employees and that once employers are introduced to W4AL they often want all their employees to be trained in the program. For two brief videos on W4AL and more information:

What was really happening at W4AL? Wasn’t there a speaking—even a proclaiming!—of the truth, in love, in the business world, in daily life, by lay Christians intentionally discipling non-Christians into a biblical worldview, to bring relief to broken lives and souls, and ultimately society? Aren’t lay Christians—in the world though definitely not of it—incarnating Christ as He works “salt and light” into the world, advancing the Kingdom of God—even as the goodness and prosperity of societies are advanced?
I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have seen what is going on in South Africa, and I am now asking the Lord to guide me in understanding how worldview changes are to become more integrated in counselling individuals in our pluralistic, largely non-Christian cultures. Would you please pray with me? I have certainly been given more than I expected in my visit to South Africa—as you can see! Subsequent to my return in Munich I’ve been so busy catching up on counselling and mentoring, as well as teaching counselling, so that I am only beginning to distil principles and methods for counselling from what I have seen and heard. Please pray for the time to reflect on and integrate this!
Would you also pray for our church, Gospel Church Munich, as well as our pastor and his wife, Steffen and Elizabeth? The challenges in our midst have not lessened, but increased... May the Spirit work to grant insight into hearts and minds for the advance of the Gospel individually. May problems and sin be addressed clearly and constructively, and in ways that make the Gospel clear, beautiful, powerful and acceptable!
We are grateful that after the longest post-election negotiations ever needed in the history of German politics, a coalition government was formed and sworn into office on March 14th. There are significant personnel changes to the same coalition of the previous government and we pray they will govern wisely for peace and prosperity so that we may be free to continue to advance God’s Kingdom.
Some “paper cuts”: lumbago and a landlady using a lawyer to work to bring about a higher rent increase. Prayers appreciated! Financial relief! Due to some recent wonderful financial gifts from both Americans and Canadians, excessive strain on my support is relieved and a cost-of-living increase possible. I’m truly so grateful!
Thank you for all your support to me for this work in Germany! It is a great privilege to have your partnership in the Gospel here now—truly precious grace to me! May God continue His amazing grace to us all in every way—for this broken world! The Lord has risen indeed—and we with Him! 


Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel
April 4

May 2-6, we will be in Costa Rica, teaching from John 17 at retreat for just under 100 LAM/UWM missionaries and their families ministering in Central America and the Caribbean. The theme is: “One Faith, One Body, One Mission.” Several years ago, two missions merged, and unity is still a work in progress. We deeply covet your prayers for all of us.

PSALT Conference
April 20-21  

Thriving in Babylon is organized by Presbyterians Standing for Evangelical Love and Truth (PSALT) and The Renewal Fellowship Within The Presbyterian Church in Canada


Easter, 2018

The Lord bless us all as we look toward Easter Sunday services and glorious reminders that He is indeed risen!

Following are Easter greetings and messages from your fellow Phase II missionaries. Enjoy!

In Christ, Norine

From Margaret Roth
I have sat down a few times now to reply and then got distracted and forgot. Sorry about that but I wish to add my Easter greetings to all. Such a very special time when we celebrate the great sacrifice Jesus made to give us the incredible gift of an eternity in heaven with Him. Such great love He has shown us. May you each have a truly joyful and blessed Easter thanking Him for His sacrifice and celebrating His resurrection .

From the Byerlys
It was so good to have you [Don, Hanneke, Norine] visit and get some of the vibes of Knox. Don mentioned that the people didn't know who they were praying for. These new short messages are ... a wonderful help.
Since we have been to other churches we did get an opportunity to get to know some of the people in those church. The churches had asked members to keep missionaries from
out of town to billet them and host them for meals. That gives an opportunity for that
family to get to know the missionary. We stayed with the most hospitable one in the
church for a conference, Don, who now knows more about us than most.
Hanneke said that Knox was not doing missions conference any more. It is a tremendous effort. Knox did a tremendous job. That is one thing that Doug Ord said, "Knox knows how to do a mission conference" I'm sure it is a disappointment to many.
Thanks for your interest in missions. It is an encouragement to us and I'm sure it is to others. Hope you had better weather the rest of your trip. Becky says she likes to go into caverns as well. Keep looking up,
When our daughter who teaches teens heard that Easter was on April Fools Day
she said “I'm alive, the one you thought you killed, April Fools.” We are amazed. He is victorious over death!

From Barbara Rahn
It was a lovely surprise to have a visit from Nancy Howard when she was in Cambridge a couple of days ago. It was fun to get “fresh news” about Knox, and she had some pictures to show of the renovated sanctuary. We will have communion at our church on Good Friday. May this be a very meaningful celebration remembering the cost to the Saviour who died for our redemption. Easter blessings to you! Easter blessings to all my Knox friends!
This “oldie” is pressing on! Please join me in praying for the Thai Dam who are scattered over the northern parts of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and southwest China. Most worship their ancestors who they believe protect them from harm and bless their rice crops. Although there are a few Christians among them, there are thousands of villages with no Christian witness. Praise God for Thai Dam believers who hold onto their faith despite many hurdles. Pray that God will raise up many workers to reach villages that still have not heard about Jesus.

From Elaine Esser
Thank you for reminding me, Norine. Life has been busy as usual. I was able to visit Ruth McCurdy and Evelyn Lageer in Hanover last week. Ruth is improving after having a nasty flu bug and Evelyn is doing very well. I had my six month check up with the skin specialist and have to report back again in three weeks. My blood pressure has been stable finally ! The regular season of OHL hockey is over for the Attack and the first of the playoffs starts Thursday night March 22nd. I finish up my deacon's roll this June. It has been an interesting experience. I am panning a holiday with Barb Rahn and Margery Campbell this September. May the Lord richly bless you all. Elaine Esser

From Sylvia Dresser
I don't know that I'm in an Easter mood. I have been writing about 1973 in Senggo. After writing about our year, I realized it was all about the strangers coming and challenging the jungle. In order to include something about God challenging the evil spirits who had been in control of the people of the jungle for so long, I included a story about the interest of the people of Tamnim in hearing God's message. Even that was a challenge for Bob Leland who had been asked to go and preach in a temporary bivouac. After climbing the notched pole and sitting down to wait for the people to assemble, Bob was surprised to hear screams and the women all started to jump out of the bivouac onto the river bank 8 feet below. Then many men exited. Bob realized the house was tilting toward the river and he climbed down the pole, only to realize he had left his Bible, camera and water inside. So he climbed up again to retrieve them. Some of the men then braced the house up so it didn't collapse until the next Sunday meeting! Bob gave his message outside. The other funny story for this month's writing was a battle of technology (a bulldozer) vs. the jungle and how manpower came to the rescue. A pilot with limited bulldozer experience was trying to build up a roadway and got into a soft spot. His efforts to get out made the 'dozer sink further. Ken rallied all the men he could find, and after they built a dam around the machine and got some logs under the tracks 2 big ropes were tied to it, and all able bodied men pulled, the driver started the engine and out it came!
What a privilege we have all had to proclaim the risen Christ, not just at Easter but everyday!

From Eleanor Crabtree
Sending greetings to KWM friends, rejoicing in the victory Christ brought through His death and resurrection.
I have been busy with the business re John's death, as I am his executor, but I've
had good support from his family. March 6th I was involved in a minor car accident.
I didn't see the red light. Fortunately no one was hurt, but both cars were damaged.
I am driving a rental which is covered by the insurance, and hope to have my car back
before Easter. Blessings, ⛪?￰゚メ゙

From Natalie, POA for David Evans
This is Natalie Sing - David Evan’s friend and Power of Attorney.
David is still on Vancouver Island in the Parksville area. He is very close to his church and all of his community which is such a blessing. He is able to go to church with us and prayer with others two times a week. He still attends the same Bible study ;)
God has been truly faithful in providing for David. He is doing very, very well!!
Blessings, Natalie

From Pamela Stedman
It will soon be Easter, and I am just now getting caught up with Christmas greetings and other things I've been needing to do such as the bio you requested. What I am attaching is likely too long a bio, but brought back many happy memories of Knox. Please feel free to cut out/shorten - you could just put in the paragraphs that have Knox in bold print.
I was so sorry to miss the time together up in Waterloo with Sylvia D. Think I had a physio or doctor's appt. or something. I dare not miss the physio, especially since injuring my ankle back in October and having it go from bad to worse - I thought I was going to lose my foot and pleaded with the Lord that might not be the case. When I told my physio this, her response was "I too thought that you would lose your foot". I'm thankful for the Lord's mercy.
May our Lord bless and provide for you in your busy retirement days. 


Pascal Mahona

I am typing this while sitting in my bed at the university. I can hear people through the window singing holy holly day ‎,Holly Thursday.

Holly Thursday, this is the day of the Last Supper, and when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples...and the night of Holy Thursday is the night Jesus was betrayed by Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane..

Let's all remember today, and say a prayer to Jesus and just imagining what he went through, especially come tomorrow on Good Friday.!      

Jim Mason
March 29

Please click button below for my April prayer bulletin


Patsy McCarthy
March 28

Please lift up Patsy who is in hosptial after a fall in which she broke her right shoulder.

Xerggyo and Hil
March 28

My back is better every day. Still in bed, hopefully next week I will start to walk a little.

Scott & Beth Hurd
March 27

Click below for our latest prayer, with some details on what we're up to, what we're expecting, and how God has been truly faithful!

For those following Anne's health situation, she's experienced a number of recurrences of internal bleeding requiring hospitalization over the past few months. Analysis shows no definitive explanation for this, and surgery is considered the only likely option to address it. But that surgery is seen as very risky by her specialist team, so for now the plan is to continue to monitor and manage this situation as something of a "new normal". We continue to pray for God's healing and strength, and also for His glory in this circumstance. We ask for your continuing prayers in this same vein - for healing and strength for Anne and family according to God's sovereign will and timing, and that He would be glorified through Anne's suffering.

We are unspeakably excitied at the prospect of welcoming grandbaby #3 in October, as Andrew and Claire become parents!

Finally, we look forward to some time in North America in July and August to recnnect with family and friends, after which Beth will be assuming a role within OMF as she retires from classroom teaching after 30+ years! New adventures await!

May God continue to bless you richly in delightful and unexpected ways. 


Mary Jane Fandrich
March 27

This afternoon a young Lebanese lady asked me what we teach the street children here. I told her.
not knowing what faith position she was coming from, that we teach them that God loves them and
knows them. We specifically teach them Romans 5:8. She said, as I quoted the scripture in Arabic,
"You teach them that in Arabic?" Yes, it's the mother tongue that speaks to the heart, and it is the
only gift that they cannot lose when I am away from them. It became apparent that she is Christian
of the Roman tradition. She didn't know what a Presbyterian is. I simply let her know that we
teach God's Word directly from the scriptures. She wants to visit us at Home of Hope. 

Annn Chow
March 27

Praise God with me, I have a new role! You’re looking at the new director of the Global Workplace Forum hosted by the Lausanne Movement in Manila, in June 2019!

The team is already set, but they need someone they know, trust, with the relational and organizational abilities to lead and bring the team together for the next year or so. They asked me about a month ago, and I happily accepted! We sent our my position description to the team and I led our core team meeting this past Monday.

I’m off to Manila next month to meet the local team and check out the facilities, transportation and catering companies with the COO of Lausanne.

I’m still working hard with the International Justice Mission, leading the US visa application process for 466 visas from 17 field offices around the world. I have a team of 3 incredible interns based in Washington DC. We are bringing together IJM staff for their conference this September. It’ll be the first time they’ve planned a global staff conference, and it should be fun! What’s it like to gather a global team of abolitionists in one spot? :)

My Lausanne role will work around my current IJM work, and will move to part-time when IJM wraps in October. These organizations are so grateful for my work and for your faithful prayer and financial support of me too! 

Mary Jane Fandrich
March 24

Spring has Sprung here in Lebanon. There are wild cyclamen in the pine forests,
and poppies mixed with the wild flowers in the fields. Flocks of sheep appear in and
around town, feasting on the newly appeared bunches of daisies and clover. And bees
are in evidence loading up the honey combs.
That reminds me of the new nursery rhyme we're teaching the kindergarten group:
"The Queen was in the Parlor, eating bread and honey". The boys part is: "The King was
in the counting house, counting out his money". (We actually get out a toy cash register
for the boys, and then everyone learns to count by tens to one hundred.)
Gladly, this is all just excuse to review and teach them God's Word in Arabic at the beginning
of every class. Our new verse is Roman 5:8. The Arabic comes on quite strongly 'demonstrates'
instead of 'shows', and 'on our behalf' instead of 'for us'.
Here in Lebanon, we need all the strength and wisdom for hiring new staff. We have had
a number leave for various reasons, and have so far not been successful in finding
personal staff for the dorms. Also, we have had a lot of staff sickness. Pray God's healing
and wisdom for running this place! 

Mary Jane Fandrich
March 23

This situation repeats itself when we turn away from Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.
This afternoon a young Lebanese lady asked me what we teach the street children here. I told her.
not knowing what faith position she was coming from, that we teach them that God loves the and
knows them. We specifically teach them Romans 5:8. She said, as I quoted the scripture in Arabic,
"You teach them that in Arabic?" Yes it's the mother tongue that speaks to the heart, and it is the
only gift that they cannot lose when I am away from them. It became apparent that she is Christian
of the Roman tradition. She didn't know what a Presbyterian is. I simply let her know that we
teach God's Word directly from the scriptures. She wants to visit us at Home of Hope. 

Carluci & Christina dos Santos
Maarch 23

Here’s an article with lots of charts and statistics on the rise of a non-Christian Europe.

“The figures are published in a report, Europe’s Young Adults and Religion, by Stephen Bullivant, a professor of theology and the sociology of religion at St Mary’s University in London. They are based on data from the European social survey 2014-16.
As we praise God for the growth of the church in Latin America and the growing missionary movement out of Latin America, this data raises critical questions for us.

I ask myself, what went wrong with European Christianity? What are the historical reasons and world-views or theological perspectives that drew people away from the church? What would those figures be 100 years ago or so when theological liberalism was being planted in most European seminaries, colleges and universities? Why has the church lost its connection with the young adult generation? What lessons can we learn as train our new leaders and raise up our youth to be Christ’s followers? What is the responsibility of Christians in the New World to old Europe? Can Europe be considered a mission field? How can the migration movement of Christians from Latin America be turned into a source of renewal for the church in Europe? 


Wayne & Helen Hancock
March 22

We are excited to have our team of 8 Paramedics from Ontario teaching locals in first response skills at our Skylark Centre April 7 - 14. Pray for good connections, attentive students and that the trainers would be touched during the devotional times.
Thank you for supporting Threefold MInistries in your prayers. In response to your faithful prayers we have two doctors leading our latest medical team at Skylark April 21-28. They will be conducting clinics for locals in need. Pray that all will experience God’s love in new ways this week.
Pray for Amanda our Community Development Coordinator who this month is conducting a critical community survey in the area of Los Medranos. What will learn from this survey will help to shape the ministry we offer so that it responds to local needs. Pray that God will be glorified in this process. 

An Encounter

Check out the re-edited acount of a near drowing experience 


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