Saturday  December 4


Khevna Dave & Julia Bartel, Knox Missions Hub

“Praise God for the Live Called conference running smoothly and for many fruitful conversations about faith, work and missions! Please pray for stamina and joy as we participate in campus groups Missions Night events and prepare upcoming Christmas celebrations for our students and leaders.”


Jack and Mary Anne Voelkel

In this second year of COVID (amidst a never-ending list of painful issues in our country and world,) the two of us began a more personal journey, seeking healing for a worrisome tumor in Mary Anne's thyroid. We were especially sensitive to the issue, since her brother, Bob, passed away from throat cancer last year.


Luke and Yuko Elliot

December 1

• that we were able to complete the roof before winter
• that Pastor Hattori, with his wife Janet, have taken up the pastoral leadership of the Evangelical Church of Aomori
• that OMF colleagues, James & Maki Buss, will be joining our ministry team in December
• for potential new workers who could be joining the ministry of ACC as early as next spring 


Jim Mason

Please click below for my latest monthly prayer update.


Dom Goold

Here is the link to my last newsletter as InterVarsity Staff. 

Ian Shugart

November 30

Several weeks ago we learned that Ian will need radiation treatment as follow up to his surgery in October. This is scheduled to begin December 13. It will run 5 days a week for 5 weeks. We would appreciate your prayers for patience and endurance.

Xerggyo & Hil

November 26

My (Xerggyo) uncle passed away this morning in Chiapas because of Covid-19. Would you please join us in prayer for our family at this time?

Wayne and Helen Hancock

November 26

I wanted to let you know that on Saturday (Nov 27th) we will be having the dedication of the new Study Center at Skylark to provide a space with physical and online resources where local pastors can come and prepare sermons, bible studies and for personal prayer and networking.
The Study Center is housed in the transformed casita where I used to stay when visiting Skylark.
You can join the dedication service live via the Zoom link below.
As those who have been involved in the training of Christian leaders in Nicaragua over the years, I wanted to pass along this good news. I hope to see some of you on the call this Saturday. If you know of others who may like to join please forward this to them.
May God bless you as we enter the season of Advent, celebrating the birth of our Saviour.

“I always thank my God for you and for the gracious gifts He has given you, now that you belong to Christ Jesus…”
1 Corinthians 1:4 NLT

These words are often in our minds here at Threefold as we think upon our partners like you who work with us to make a difference in the lives of people in Nicaragua. At a recent Zoom meeting with all our Nicaraguan staff they again expressed the heart of this verse for each of you, though you may have never met.

Here are some ways your support is changing lives in Nicaragua.
• Christian Leadership Training; 18 pastors were trained in the first session, with 16 taking part in the current session that is running through this month.
• The Pastor’s Study: Renovations are in their final stages, converting one of our small cottages into a fully-equipped study centre that local pastors will be able to book to spend time researching and preparing Bible based sermons.
• Best Start in Christ Preschool: 16 young students will graduate in the coming weeks after three years of solid, Christ-centred learning that prepares them very well for the local school. We have children waiting to join the program after the Christmas break that will keep our enrolment at our capacity of 50 students
• Medical Clinic: We continue to care for 24 patients providing the medicines and the health care so necessary to manage their chronic diseases

COVID numbers in the country continue to be concerning and every so often we must close our programs for a few weeks but we praise God that our staff is safe and that most have been able to receive a vaccine.
November 7th marked the national elections in Nicaragua which was highly controversial. Please pray for peace and for God to move mightily in the midst of many challenges.
Pray too for continued positive response to our Raising Rufus fundraising campaign, running to the end of November. We thank God that we are well on our way to our $20,000 goal and trust Him for all that is needed not only for this campaign but for our month-to-month expenses so that we, collectively, can keep making a difference in so many lives.
Be sure to check out our website www.threefold-ministries.org for more details and updates. Thank you for your faithful support and partnership. 


Carluci dos Santos

Here’s my 2021 Executive Director’s report which I presented at the AGM of the Mission last Saturday.

Here’s the link to the interview with Jack and Mary Anne Voelkel at the LAM 100th Anniversary Celebration. Click photo.

The Lord is an awesome God! Glory be to his name! We rejoice for he has done marvelous things.

Let us continue to pray for another fruitful year of ministry in 2022 and into our 2nd century of existence!

Pray we continue to be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we ground ourselves in Scripture and build on the legacy of our founding missionaries.

May He continue to bless you and your engagement with the mission of God in Latin America, Canada and beyond!

I am planning to visit the ministries to the Kayapo and to the Enewane-Nawe peoples in Brazil at the end of January. 


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Gord & Brenda Nickerson

November 23

1. Covid cases are high in most of the 16 Eastern European countries that Josiah Venture serves in. Pray for our 360 missionaries that God will give them creative ideas on how they can continue to impact for Christ the youth in these countries even amidst many restrictions.

2. This past month we had a very productive Canadian Board Meeting and a very good beginning to developing a 3 year strategic ministry plan. Continue to pray as we implement/follow up on this meeting and as the same planning is happening in each of the countries that our teams serve in.

3. We continue to be thankful for how God faithfully provides financially for us. Pray that supporters will continue to give generously toward this ministry during December so that we can go into the new year in good shape financially.

4. Our Christmas plans are to spend a week together as a family in Breckenridge Colorado. We are all looking forward to this time together. Pray for safe travels for each of us: Brenda and I from Vancouver, Amy from Louisville Kentucky, Brad from LA, and Katie and Dane and kids from Texas. 

Colin and Rachel McCordic

November 20

We have so much to be thankful for! We wanted to share some major answer to prayer that the Lord has blessed us with in the last few weeks.
AIM has granted us financial clearance!
Our flights are booked!
We have someone to sublease our apartment!
All medical/dental procedures went well and we're both feeling great!
Extended members of the family (McCordic side) will be in Ontario before we leave so we can celebrate a mini Christmas before we go!
Here's how you can be praying for us in the coming weeks:
Pray for our visa applications
Pray for Colin as he finishes this term of school
Pray for Rachel as she completes training with Kim, who will take on the short-term coordinator responsibilities
Pray the Lord will prepare our hearts to serve in Chad


Hanneke Cost Budde

November 19

Two months..6 kg. Daniel is getting darker and his hair is growing in. It is still straight. He is seeing more and making more sounds. Cute as can be!


Leah Hopp

November 19

I have lived in Uganda for 12 years as of yesterday. Thanks be to God for sustaining me through the years!

I received the Ethics number for my research paper. Please pray that I will hear back from my research advisor ASAP about some final feedback so that I can submit by Monday’s deadline.

I've been sick for the past week with a UTI and Amoebiasis. The tests didn't show anything the first couple of times, so it was a difficult weekend in bed, but I’m better now. Praise God! I’m glad that the clinic is just down the road from the mission. I had two IV drips, four IV push injections, and I'll finish the oral meds on Sunday. This is the first time that I’ve had an amoeba in all the twelve years that I’ve been here. Thankfully, I usually have a pretty strong stomach.

Naduk, one of my community health teachers, delivered a baby girl last Friday. It is an answer to prayer that both her and the baby are healthy after a high-risk pregnancy. I hope to visit her next week in the market town. 

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