November 2023

Hanneke Cost Budde’s grandson Daniel, enjoying time with his uncle, Ngassa

“And He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people:
and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” (Isaiah 2:4)

Xerggyo and Hil.
Xerggyo’s hometown, where his parents live, is like a war zone. The town is closed, and no one is allowed to leave or enter. Recently, at midnight, Xerggyo’s mother phoned to say that the shooting had started again in every street.

Khevna & Sharon, Knox Missions Hub.
“Our Live Called conference is happening on Nov. 4. Please pray for meaningful mentorship connections to form and for many to be inspired by engaging in faith, work and missions conversations. Please also pray for healthy partnership development as we look forward to planning well in the season ahead.”

Colin & Rachel McCordic, AIM.
The McCordics thank us for our prayers as they continue to support raise: 60% of their monthly target and 15% of their outgoing budget. Their financial deadline is Dec. 6, so please keep praying that the Lord will raise up more prayer and financial supporters as they visit with many and speak at various churches in Ontario.

Chyrl Basa, FFM.
The upcoming Global Day of Prayer for the Muslim world is Nov. 18th! Still looking for two more field workers to share about their ministry to Muslims. Pray that God will connect us with those who have urgent needs for prayer. Continue to pray for the ongoing situation in the Middle East. The world is watching. “May eyes and hearts be opened to the gospel of Je-sus, our only hope for real peace and salvation.”

C & K.
“I am sending these requests enroute to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Please pray for M&M who are under significant strain. Pray for the growth and impact of this business in one of the world's key 'alpha' cities. November for me includes travel to Pakistan, Egypt and Kazakhstan, all places of great opportunity and challenge. Please pray for stamina and wisdom for C, and all local leaders.”

Ann Chow, Event & Project Management.
The Seoul 2024 program planning meetings were fruitful. “Prayers for my trip to Thailand. Partners International Canada is bringing our ministry partners together to celebrate their accomplishments, discuss obstacles and how we can better support them. Should be amazing to meet them in person. I’m sure to learn a lot of what life is like on the ground in very difficult places. Your prayers are important to our work.”

Eleanor Crabtree, Parry Sound.
“The good news is that the cancer is in remission. I'm almost re-covered from the replacement of the Pacemaker battery. I do have some follow-up appointments in November with two on November 10th. Thanks for all the prayers. God has answered.”

Rosemary Walker, Montreal.
Praises God that the English Class and the Ladies’ Bible study on basic Christian Beliefs are going very well. The English class has been looking at Jesus' parables recently. May the Lord bring faith to birth in the hearts of those who do not yet know Him personally. “If you’d like to join us as our mystery guest for half an hour in the English class one day, please get in touch with me.”

Dave & Rani, Brampton.
“Praise God that Rani is feeling much better. However, she still has diet/abdominal pains/sleep challenges. (All related). Her sister (Anu) is coping with bipolar. Please pray for Deepak (Grade 12) as he contemplates university. We are busy ministering to international students and newcomers. We visit a S1kh temple almost every week and befriend folks there and sometimes have them in our homes as we share Good News.”

Refugee Sponsorship.
We are working on sponsorship documents, trusting ultimately to bring a family of five here to Toronto. They are currently outside their country of origin but fear being deported back into danger. Pray for God's intervention and care over this vulnerable family. Today, we also remember all those caught up in the wars and conflicts which create so many refugee crises. The Lord make our hearts tender to great needs.

Gus & Marliese, London.
“We continue to thank the Lord for the mall Bible study group and the opportunities to teach English to Yazidis and the Palestinian. Please continue to pray for Gus’ arthritis and now a skin disease called Bowen’s. I’ll be seeing a dermatologist on Monday the 16th.”

Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel, Arizona.
“The leaders of the 4-day prayer retreat for students and staff of the Biblical Seminary in Colombia praise God for feeding them a feast. They worshiped, prayed, sang, meditated on Scripture and were attentive to the Lord. On the last evening, they had a time of worship that was filled with the presence and pleasure of the Lord. It was a very, very special prayer retreat.”

Laurie Armstrong, P2C.
“Pray for students as they continue taking steps towards Je-sus, in exploring what a relationship with him means, in learning how to trust and respond to him in both big and ordinary moments of life, in helping others encounter him. I'd also appreciate prayer as I take on a couple of student-facing projects, both involving a significant personal learning curve.”

Leah Hopp, OPC, Uganda.
“The mission has been constructing new clinic staff housing for a year and a half now. The only thing we are waiting on is to get the six duplexes hooked up to the grid. The electrical company is so far only willing to come on 'evenings or weekends'. Please pray that they will give us a proper quote and do their work honestly. We are eager for the staff to move in!”

Carluci & Christina Dos Santos
. Carluci has been in touch with a USA-based organization, hoping to work under their umbrella in both North and Latin America. Your continued support is immensely appreciated. Details for donating will be shared once finalized. “My commitment remains steadfast in working towards leadership development, formal and informal theological education, and mobilization for missions within the Lat-in American diaspora in Canada and in North America. Your prayers are coveted as we seek God's continued guidance.”

Mary Jane Fandrich, Dallas.
“Trouble often drives lost sheep bleating for the Shepherd when all else fails. Pray that many in Gaza and Israel will respond to the invitation to Jesus Messiah. In spite of rejections here, pray for the Holy Spirit to overcome resistance to the Gospel.”

Susan Jeffery, CANIL, Abbotsford.
“A Wycliffe couple with 14 years of field experience has been invited to join the CanIL Team. The husband is a translation consultant and is working on a Doctorate degree. The wife is a literacy specialist. Please pray for temporary, affordable housing for this family of four (including a son and daughter), by January 2024.”

Luke & Yuko Elliot, Aomori Christian Center, Japan.
Following the summer and autumn season of Bible camps and retreats, November is the season for preparing for winter, with an average snowfall of over 5 metres and the accumulation of dense snow on the ground 1.5~2 deep. “Please pray for us as we race to install protective panels over windows, store firewood for our wood stoves in accessible locations, and mark out driveways and footpaths to guide snow removal."

Elizabeth Matthias, Germany.
“This month four young men joined the mentoring group, now a total of eleven! Answered prayers! Pray for the new mentees to catch up quickly with the others. The Spirit's work in mentees and counsellees is encouraging! Prayers appreciated for wisdom and endurance in all training, mentoring and counseling, and for the Spirit to deepen Christ's life in all our hearts.”

Elaine Esser, Parry Sound.
May the Lord grant His wisdom to world leaders to solve the terrible situations in Ukraine and in the Middle East. There is so much needless destruction and loss of life.

Sylvia Dresser, Waterloo.
“Praise! 80 church leaders from 5 villages attended the Bible Conference in Saman and left with a better understanding of God's plan of redemption. A sad note was that the Smith family from Ethnos left the Papua field. The Bruce family are carrying on with translation while living in Sentani. They request prayer. Another praise! Andrew's sight continues to improve. Pray that he will pass the various tests for his eligibility for a transplant.”

Marg Roth.
“My body has been objecting strongly to this irritating aging pro-cess! ...we have quite a few residents who are having health issues and could use prayers.” One Bible study member going through difficulties was born in China to missionary parents who were acquainted with Jonathan Goforth and his work. “As we all are aware of global situations going on and in our beautiful Canada we need to be in much earnest prayer for many to be coming to The Lord and for peace.”

I & S.
“Thank God that in His providence, He allowed our pre-scheduled home assignment to begin three weeks before S’s mom’s passing. Please pray for good grieving and preparation for our new field in 2024.”

Paul & Mary Beth McLean, PCC, Taiwan.
“May God bless Paul's in-person visits to all the Bible translation teams he supports in Taiwan throughout this month. May God help each team make good progress as they seek to accurately and faithfully trans-late the Old and New Testaments into their own language.”

Wayne & Helen Hancock, Threefold Ministries, Nicaragua.
“November marks the end of the school year in Nicaragua. Please pray for our young students in our Best Start in Christ pre-school that those who are graduating will have Jesus and the truths they have learned hidden in their hearts. Remember our teachers Marta & Rachel as they complete the year and enjoy a rest.”

Jim Mason, Challenge Enterprises, Ghana.
“Praise that in spite of difficult economic conditions, customers continue to patronize CEG’s bookshops to purchase Christian literature and related products. Pray CEG sales staff will serve customers with the needed passion to retain them and also attract new ones.”

Hanneke Cost Budde, Tanzania.
Hanneke gives thanks for our Lord's protective care during many road trips recently. For her family: Ngassa doing well, but needs a diploma to be eligible for a full time job; Kiri is doing great; Jacky needs to study but her little Daniel is a handful; Baraka needs to fit in well into his new school For one month now we get little or no water from our taps. We have to buy bottled water.

Bill Fitch, Listen to Learn.
“Our great team in Kenya targeted another new region of the country - the southwest border region - and found great interest. They started several new schools! They're amazing!”

Phase II Workers.
John & Debra Bowen, Fern & Glenn Byerly (Pray that our son-in-law's trip to Ethiopia last month will have strengthened and encouraged the Bible translators there.), Gladys Linthicum, Norine Love, Patsy McCarthy, Clarence & Cathy McMullen, David & Angela Morris, Barbara Rahn, Pamela Stedman, Diana Wadsworth.

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