April 2024

KWM workers have exciting stories to tell. Not all can be identified or shared publicly. Their ministry will be revealed in eternity. Pray for those special workers.

“Oh, that we might know the Lord!
Let us press on to know him, and he will respond to us
as surely as the coming of dawn or the rain of early spring.”
Hosea 6:3

Spring may seem to offer little hope for many caught up in conflicts in Pales-tine/Israel, Ukraine, Yemen, Sudan…. And here in Toronto we have food banks struggling to meet the overwhelming needs of locals and international students trapped by the high costs of housing, tuition and food. May we, Christ’s people, press on to know Him and be His hands and feet.

Sylvia Dresser.
“Give thanks for the publication of the Central Auyu New Testament, an area that TEAM evangelized in the 1960's. Myosook Sohn of Wycliffe did the translation. I have been diagnosed with a seriously damaged Aortic valve in my heart. Lord willing, it will be replaced using a TAVR procedure when I have completed many preliminary tests. Pray this will be done quickly and successfully.”

I & S.
“We are hoping to receive visas and arrive in Central Asia at the end of this month. Please pray for favor, as we are hearing news … of visas being revoked and threatened.” 

Bill Fitch, Listen to Learn, East Africa.
“A team of 4, 2 from Kenya & 2 from Uganda, have an ambitious 10-venue trip planned in central Uganda from April 9 to 18. They're eagerly awaited in 10 new church communities who would love to get Bible teaching in their mother tongue. Please pray for safety and productivity."

Chyrl Basa, FFM.
FFM is grateful to our Knox Church family for your prayers and faithful support of FFM's ministry. The latest FFM Prayer News Bulletin was released in April, and prayers for Muslims during Ramadan are ongoing. Pray that FFM would be able to encourage more Christians to participate. May you be blessed to know that God is answering our prayers as He moves in the lives of many Muslim people all over the world! 

Leah Hopp, OPC, Uganda.
“My left ear needs complete healing as it's been giving me problems for six months now. I saw an ear doctor again in March, but the underlying cause is still unknown. I am continuing to take anti-inflammatories, which help to reduce the pain, but whenever I finish, the pain starts increasing again.” 

C & K.
“Please pray for the final resolution of a critical buy-sell arrangement with a company in South Asia, which will protect 300+ jobs and further the opportunity for high impact Kingdom service. C has several trips this month - Indonesia, India and Pakistan. Pray for strength, wisdom and creativity in each case, that the Lord's Name might be glorified, and people reached with the love of Jesus through business in each of these situations.”

Alpha at Knox.
This series of meetings (12 videos introducing the Christian faith and including hospitality and discussions) start-ed in February and will conclude April 17. Please pray for the guests who have been hearing about the basics of faith in Christ, that they would respond to Him now. Or that God would use these seeds that have been planted to draw them to Himself at some later time.

Xerggyo & Hil.
“Our latest plan is to wait until the way is clear. Everyone told us to wait. We called people who are inside the country. Many, many people have had their resident permission cancelled. Was difficult to make this decision.”

Elizabeth Matthias, Germany.
“We're grateful that hearts and minds were expanded during the vision trip to the UK for the biblical counseling conference (BCUK) with five mentees. Vision-casting for us continues at BCUK and here in Munich to develop the training of lay counsellors. Prayers so appreciated! More and more individuals are limping in, casualties of our secular culture, seeking Christ's help….”  

Dave & Rani, Brampton.
“We are very grateful for the prayers for Deepak; praise God that Deepak has been accepted at McMaster University to study Mech. Engineering! Please continue to pray for him to focus and not procrastinate. Devanand is privileged to be one of 125 persons from around the world to attend a conference in Thailand (Apr. 22-26), led by the Chairman of Lausanne Global Diaspora Network. Please pray for Rani and Deepak while he is away.”   

Marg Roth, Waterloo.
Easter 2024 is past, and Marg calls us to “remember the tremendous sacrifice Jesus made for us. I am so very thankful to Him for His great sacrifice.” Her prayer is that many will accept the gift He has given us.

Glenn & Fern Byerly, USA.
“I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's. Right now I am taking Physical Therapy to do more exercise because it seems to slow the progress.” One lady in the church said this was her new assignment, “a new community to get to know and share the gospel.” 

Laurie Armstrong, Power to Change.
“Pray for students as they finish up their school year and write finals, that they would experience the presence and faithfulness of God. Pray as well for finish prep. by students & staff and launch of nat'l and int'l mission trips beginning end of April: Vietnam, "Desert Rain," Benin (Global Aid Network), Praxis (Edmonton), and Nations Next Door (Ottawa).” 

Susan Jeffery, CANIL, Abbotsford.
“Pray that CanIL’s spring break (Apr. 13 to June 9) will be productive as I focus on transfer-ring sections of CanIL Library that pertain to our summer and fall term courses, and that Alloway Library staff will be able to complete cataloging and shelving the books in them. I will remain part of the project till this merger is complete, so am delaying my retirement till Aug. 31.”

Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel.
“On April 18-20, please pray for the Board meetings of the United World Mission, with whom we and Carluci Dos Santos serve. The first day will be a spiritual retreat. The next day, new staff and board members will be presented, and significant decisions made affecting the future projection of the mission itself.”

Paul & Mary Beth McLean, PCC, Taiwan.
“During the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan's General Assembly meeting today, people will celebrate 70 years of indigenous mission and the publication of indigenous Bibles over the past year in five languages. Praise God for his grace and faithfulness!”

Carluci & Christina Dos Santos.
In April, they are leading two expository preaching workshops (Toronto and Montreal) on the Epistle of James and will appreciate prayers for the expositors and participants. In March, Carluci attended a Spanish-speaking pastors’ breakfast and was able to speak with many of the 100 in attendance. “On the family side, Isabela got engaged and is planning to get married in August. We're excited and praying for God's blessings and direction.” 

Gus & Marliese Ketola, London.
Marliese returned from her sister-in-law’s funeral and mentioned the need for prayer for her brother who lost his wife, and for his two sons. None of these three are believers. Continue to pray as well for the two Yazidi families Gus helps with English and with whom he also reads from John’s Gospel in Arabic.

Ann Chow, Event & Project Management.
“Grateful to be back with the #HACK team, planning a global Christian hackathon (innovation sprint for Christians in the tech industry) for this October to address issues that are felt in our cities, organizations and societies. Last time we gathered Christians from 59 cities and 30 countries. This year we are aiming for 80 cities. Here’s a fun video to explain #HACK more: https://youtu.be/UnwH2B7inNg”

Elaine Esser, Owen Sound.
May the Lord grant that our leaders on all levels of government govern this country wisely. May He continue to work in the lives of all who attended the Alpha course, “that they would grow in their knowledge of Him to the honour and glory of the Lord God, the maker of heaven and earth.” (Elaine has been one of our faithful Alpha prayer Zoom participants.)

Luke & Yuko Elliot, Aomori Christian Center, Japan.
"Beginning Building Project Phase 2: A Forty bed dormitory, ‘Bethel Lodge’. A donor has generously pledged a sum that will cover over half the construction budget. Please pray for that the Lord will raise up the rest of the money needed, and for wisdom in moving forward in a timely manner." (Luke also has been one of our faithful Alpha prayer Zoom participants.)

Khevna & Sharon, Knox Missions Hub.
“As we wrap up the semester, please join us in praying for new leaders at our Luke 10:2 gatherings. Pray for good spaces to continue stirring one another up to love and good works in our mission journeys, as we gather to learn together and pray for the nations once a month on Sunday evenings.”

Colin & Rachel McCordic, AIM.
“Hot season has arrived early! Pray for our stamina and health during these months of 40+C weather. Pray for the Lord’s guidance as Colin’s team meets to discuss and pray about vision and goals for their ministry. As we continue to study French, may the Lord give us confidence and fluency. Pray for peace as Chad’s presidential elections are slated for later this year and campaigning has already begun.”

Refugee Sponsorship.
Such an encouragement to know that we have already reached, even exceeded, our original target for the year’s sponsorship of the Haidary family. Praise God! But we know that our estimate was a very bare bones one, and the needs of a family of five starting up life in Toronto will make great use of any gifts still coming in. May the Lord bless and guide this dear family who have already suffered much for their faith in Christ.

Hanneke Cost Budde, Tanzania.
“At the Bible school our students are improving after I gave the ones who succeeded with exams a soda.” Hanneke asks prayer for her kids to do well in their exams, and for Ngassa and Mahona, both working. Pray their jobs will be-come permanent. She could use prayers for her eyes, as she is probably getting cataracts. “Praise for God's blessings and pro-visions for the kids and myself. I am so thankful for all our supporters!”

Jim Mason, Challenge Enterprises, Ghana.
“The car for the prison ministry needs replacement after 7 years of faithful service. Its frequent breakdowns make consistent prison visits difficult. Pray CEG will be able to obtain a reliable replacement vehicle this year.”

Mary Jane Fandrich, USA.
Please pray for “fruitful continuing contacts with my friends and neighbors at the apartment complex where I have lived for the past 2 1/2 years. Two Afghani families have insisted that I come and visit them. [Pray] for witness to many Jewish neighbors in the Reserve Retirement home where I am now.”

Wayne & Helen Hancock, Threefold Ministries, Nicaragua.
 “Give thanks to God for His goodness over the 18 years in which Wayne was part of this ministry, building up and growing the Christian community in Nicaragua.  Pray for the new Board members including Rev. Gary Robinson as they move the ministry into a fresh vision and for the staff at the Skylark Centre as they continue strategic gospel ministry in Nicaragua.” 

Phase II Workers.
John & Debra Bowen, Eleanor Crabtree, Gladys Linthicum, Norine Love, Patsy McCarthy, Clarence & Cathy McMullen, David & Angela Morris, Barbara Rahn, Pamela Stedman, Diana Wadsworth, and Rosemary Walker.  

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