April 2024

Leah Hopp with Aleper Zakaria,
Administrator at the Mission Clinic.
Karamoja, Uganda

…God will teach the ways that are right and best to those who humbly turn to him. And when we obey him, every path he guides us on is fragrant with his loving-kindness and his truth. 
                Ps. 25: 9-10, TLB
Pray for our pastors, elders, staff, and denominational leaders for wisdom to follow Jesus. We ask for the leadership of nations torn by war, famine, and corruption, that many would be moved turn to God and to seek for His answers.

Gord and Brenda Nickerson, Josiah Venture.
“How are Josiah Venture's Edge Sports Ministry and the Moravian movement of the 1700's and Auschwitz-Birknau and JV's camp facilities in Poland and Czech Republic all connected?” These are sites the Nickerson will visit with church supporters on an upcoming JV trip at the end of April/beginning of May. Pray for the impact.

Elizabeth Matthias, Germany.
“Please pray for my teaching, on the 4th & 11th, as well as for our lay counsellor training needs. This is a priority, in addition to having mentees sit in on counseling sessions. These are now more intense and practical as mentees are temporarily doing the notetaking. I was recently hit crossing a bike path, resulting in a break of (and the operation on) my right wrist. Prayer for healing and patience, as well as the advance of our counseling in the church is so appreciated!”

Sylvia Dresser, Waterloo.
“Pray for district superintendent Simson as he attempts to visit all the south Asmat church groups in Papua while the Bruce family are away, and translation is halted.” Sylvia is to have her heart valve replaced (TAVI operation) on May 9 at 1 p.m. Son Andrew is waiting for a kidney transplant.

Eleanor Crabtree, Owen Sound.
“May 5 - 8, I have been invited to attend the 110th Anniversary Celebration of the WMS in Mississauga. Pray for safe travel, stamina, and the joy of meeting friends from across Canada, as well as other countries. The General Secretary of the Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI) is coming. I was seconded to CMAI during my last term in India, so I am excited to meet her.”

Colin & Rachel McCordic, AIM, Chad.
“Our God is faithful, and we can rest in the assurance that nothing takes Him by surprise! April had some big surprises for us—we had to fly to Kenya quickly so Rachel could undergo some emergency surgery. The surgery went well, and we have been blessed by the care and concern of the missionary community around us.” Please pray for the country of Chad, as the first round of elections happens on May 6.

Leah Hopp, OPC, Uganda.
“Tina and I need stamina to spend more hours on paperwork and administration over the next six months. We are exhausted by the tyranny of the urgent. May we have wisdom in all our daily decisions and interactions with workers and neighbours.”

Chyrl Basa, FFM, Toronto.
Pray for the next FFM Day of Prayer (May 11), in-person at the Peoples Church and led by a trainer who has served among South Asian Muslims for over 20 years. He will be addressing mis-conceptions that Muslims have about Christianity, and there may be an opportunity afterwards to engage in gospel conversations in a local park. Pray also that God will bring faithful servants (esp. from Muslim back-grounds), passionate about FFM's ministry, to serve on the Board.

Ann Chow, Event & Project Management, Toronto.
“Thanks for your prayers. In May, we’ll be launching #HACK - a global, Christian hackathon to be held this October/November. Beginning in May, we will begin leading equipping calls to train volunteers who are hosting this hackathon in 60-80 cities around the world. Please pray as we recruit and train from May-October.”

I & S.
Those visas were received! “As we settle into our new country, please pray for us to find a loving home, and make good connections with people. We are so excited, but also there is so much to do.”

Luke & Yuko Elliot, Aomori Christian Center, Japan.
"This month we have a short-term ministry team from New Zealand coming to help us clear trees from the building site for Phase 2 of our building project. Please continue to pray for wisdom in finding safe and cost-effective solutions for this project. Now that Carmel Hall (Phase 1) is complete, we have many churches and Christian groups wanting to hold events at ACC.”

Khevna & Sharon, Knox Missions Hub.
“We have been encouraged to see students desiring to extend Friday Morning Prayer times into their exam season, and we have wrapped up the semester at the end of April well! Please pray for us to have energy and good strength this month, as May feels like a very full month with OCC collaborations and Church Missions Conferences.”

Glenn & Fern Byerly, USA.
“Since exercise slows down Parkinson's, pray I [Fern] will keep up the 30 minutes a day on a stationary bike and the exercises the physical therapist gave me. I was able to finish the four weeks of Physical Therapy successfully.”

Laurie Armstrong, Power to Change, GTA.
Laurie is so thankful for a school year of witnessing students taking next steps towards Jesus—and experiencing Him in so many ways! Pray for those on mission trips this month: Vietnam, Benin, Ottawa ("Nations Next Door"), Edmonton ("Praxis"), "Desert Rain"—for wisdom, courage, love, humility.

Susan Jeffery, CANIL, Abbotsford.
“To date, CanIL’s Admissions Dept. has received fifty-six applications for Summer Term. Pray that potential students who the Lord is calling to join us will complete their paperwork promptly and submit it. Pray for discernment as to applicant viability for those processing applications. Please also continue to pray for the library merger project. Especially pray that books relevant to the courses offered in Summer Term will be available for borrowing at their new home by June 10.”

Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel.
“Let's praise the Lord for the excellent prayer support online and in person that there was for Alpha and let's pray for our growth in prayer as a whole congregation and ask for the gift promised in Zechariah 12:10 ‘Then I will pour out a Spirit of grace and prayer on...the people....’ ”

Mary Jane Fandrich, Dallas.
“Needing God's wisdom and direction as I continue to seek to witness with the people in my last residence. Visiting and sharing meals with them requires more logistical planning now. Pray for a good fellowship at the Fandrich Reunion in Lytton, BC, May 17-19.”

Carluci & Christina Dos Santos, Toronto.
“I praise God for the 55 registrants for the two work-shops we held at the end of April on biblical expository preaching: 30 in Toronto and 25 in the Montreal area.” Pray these will be fruitful preachers of God’s Word. There are three new coordinators trained to help. “On the family side of things, Isabela got engaged and will be getting married on August 7th in Brazil. We are all overly excited.”

Gus & Marliese Ketola, London.
“Please continue to pray for the two Yazidi families I visit to teach English. We're also involved in a house church meeting. Pray for continuing growth and development.”

Sylvan Payne, Japan.
“Everything is going quite well. I’m very thankful for my part time teaching job at a university. However, it’s one very long day each week: four 100-minute classes. Please pray that I can do it well.”

Elaine Esser, Owen Sound.
Pray for staff for the camps that are being held this summer, for safety and that the children who attend will come to know the Lord Jesus and to walk in His ways.

Dave & Rani, Brampton.
“They attend a Gurdwara (Sikh temple) every week. Pray that they establish meaningful connections and foster friendships during their visits. The warmer weather facilitates more encounters with individuals traversing our neighbourhood. We want to share the Good News with those who come our way. Thank you for your prayers for Deepak; he is listening more and showing signs of growing maturity.”

Marg Roth, Kitchener.
“This has been a challenging month.... There are several of the folks I know living here who are having difficult times and could use prayer for God’s peace and comfort. For sure, some know the Lord as their Saviour.”

C & K.
“We may be on the cusp of a gigantic breakthrough with one of our companies in Pakistan. Pray for the Lord to work in the heart of this "man of peace" who, like Cornelius in the Book of Acts, was on a journey to the Kingdom. C will be spending significant time with him and his household and business colleagues on site this month. Pray for the Lord to move in miraculous ways.”

Xerggyo and Hil.
They continue to wait on the Lord for direction for their future ministry. T seems closed to them at this time. The church that they saw planted there continues to thrive with national leadership and attendance.

Hanneke Cost Budde, Tanzania.
“Thanks to all our supporters who help me with prayers and financial support which pays for the kids’ schooling and their basic needs. God is so good!!” Hanneke thanks God for a lovely time with the kids at home. They are performing well at their schools or, in Mahona’s case, enjoying his new teaching job. Pray for Ngassa as he tends to make unwise decisions. “Pray for my health. Pray for stamina.”

Jim Mason, Challenge Enterprises, Ghana.
“National Pastors and Leaders Conference: Pray that this year many more pastors and Christian leaders will attend the conferences—and be able to purchase the conference book sets.”

Paul & Mary Beth McLean, PCC, Taiwan. “Thank God for indigenous Bibles, in whole or in part, published in Taiwan over the past year in: Bunun, Pinuyumayan, Tayal and three dialects of Ngudradrekai. May people joyfully read their new Bibles daily and share the Good News with others.”

Scott & Beth Hurd, OMF Canada
. Key positions OMF Canada needs to fill include Lead Serve Asia Coordinator and Long-term successor for the Guest home Manager. Also pray for more inquirers for short and long-term mission work among East Asia’s peoples.

Bill Fitch. Listen to Learn East Africa.
 "Our valiant Kenyans are busy in Uganda again. Their comment: ‘Amazingly; the central people of Uganda have received Listen to Learn Bible School [better] than the eastern where we started.’ So, we're anticipating many more students from this trip. Thank you, Lord!"

Phase II Workers.
John & Debra Bowen, Gladys Linthicum, Norine Love, Patsy McCarthy, Clarence & Cathy McMullen, David & Angela Morris, Barbara Rahn, Pamela Stedman, Diana Wadsworth, and Rosemary Walker.

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