September 2021

We rejoice in the memory of a beautiful life lived for Christ. Margy, born into a missionary family, supported KWM and missions all her life. “Blessed are the dead which die in the LORD... they may rest from their labours; their works do follow them.” (Rev. 14:13)

Xerggyo & Hil.
Hil’s father (a paramedic in Chiapas, Mexico) is suffering from bleeding from his ear. He is taking time off work, but he will go into an emergency if further complications occur. They are very encouraged by the ongoing interest in the Good News in their country.

Sylvan Payne, Japan.
“Pray for me as I prepare for the fall semester. It’s hard to feel motivated these days. It’s been sweltering here. Also, our daughter Juli is leaving to study in the US next week, so that will be an adjustment. Pray for her, please.”

Dominique Goold, InterVarsity, Ryerson.
“Would you please pray for University X (Ryerson) students as they are back on campus for online learning this September, with only some in-person classes/events? Please intercede on our InterVarsity chapter’s behalf to meet as many new students as possible in September. We long to meet many more students and potential student leaders in person. Pray for good weather in September to maximize meetups if any are possible with the Covid guidelines for campus”.”

Khevna Dave & Julia Bartel, Knox Missions Hub.
“As we prepare for school to start this September, please pray for the students returning on campus. We desire to have wisdom in making spaces of prayer, discipleship, and community well. We also want to identify the ways God is at work despite the uncertainties of this season!”

Laurie Armstrong, Power to Change.
“Pray for incoming Christian students that they would find community on campus and many here at Knox. Pray for those who do not yet know Jesus, for friendships with Christians and that they would encounter Jesus.”

Susan Jeffery, CANIL, Abbotsford.
“Fall term at CanIL begins Sept. 8. Please continue to pray for success for students still searching for housing. Pray for faculty who have to transition back to face-to-face teaching after a year and a half of online instruction. Some will need to teach a mixed class of ‘live’ and online students this term, which can get complicated. A new VP of Operations remains a critical staffing need. Above all, please pray for a COVID-free term on campus.”

Gord & Brenda Nickerson, Josiah Venture.
“Pray for Gord as September and October are critical months for contacting churches and beginning the process of assisting them with sending teams on short-term mission trips for the 2022 summer. We’d love to have at least 15 Canadian churches join us by sending teams next summer. Our daughter Katie is expecting our third grandchild due in early October.”

Hanneke Cost Budde, AIM, Tanzania.
Hanneke looks forward to returning to her Tanzanian family in September. Pray for the safe birth of Jackie’s baby. Hanneke in dealing with ongoing neck issues, which are improving with physio.

Carluci & Christina Dos Santos, LAM.
“Christina, Isabela, Hannah and I are very grateful for a blessed week of ministry at Muskoka Bible Centre in mid-August. God used each of us in different ways to reach others through preaching, praying with folks, or just playing with kids. One dad shared that his adopted son said, “After this week, I am prepared to acknowledge that there is a God.” This little boy experienced the love of God through playtime, which also touched both of his parents. We are keeping in touch. They are new immigrants, not coming from a Christian background, and are not believers in Christ. Would you please pray with us that they will all meet Jesus?”

Chyrl Basa, FFM.
Thank the Lord for a fine Zoom Day of Prayer in mid-August, and ask the Lord for a refreshing September vacation for Chyrl. Also, pray for God’s leading in adding more board members.

Wayne & Helen Hancock, Threefold Ministries, Nicaragua.
“Please pray for Wayne and our ministry coordinator in Canada, Tammy, as they work to prepare for major fundraising events this fall. Pray that God will continue to bring faithful supporters of this ministry who can give financially to help meet the needs of the many we serve in Nicaragua through our Skylark Centre.”

C & K.
“Please continue to pray for most companies in the family that are finding it extremely difficult to rebuild and manage financially. Pray for patience for us as we work closely with them. Pray for wisdom as we look at new opportunities in Malaysia and Egypt. We anticipate some travel re-starting in September; pray for all the logistics that go into these decisions.”

Elaine Esser.
“Remember the Christians who are in Afghanistan. May the Lord protect them under the shadow of His wings. Also, remember the country of Haiti, hit by an earthquake and hurricane Grace.”

Bill Fitch, Listen to Learn, East Africa.
“Praise item: Our Canadian co-workers, Markus & Stefanie Koehler, welcomed their 8th child into the world last week. Daniel is a great-looking little guy, and both he and mom are in good health.”

Jim Mason.
2021 CEG National Pastors and Christian Leaders Conferences: “Pray for the 2021 Conferences. The theme is “God’s Word: Hope in Times of Despair.” Pray for God’s presence and smooth registration. Pray also for the speakers, participants and CEG staff, and esp. for the families of all staff, that God will keep them in His peace and protection, as well as healthy and robust. There has been ill health and death of parents, siblings and children of staff members in recent times.”

Donna Dong.
“I will take time to upgrade my online communication know-how and skills and begin on a few writing projects. Would you please pray for protected time and space to learn and grow in new knowledge and skills for more effective biblical teaching and mentoring work?”

Ann Chow, Event & Project Management.
“Please pray as I teach a course this fall on leadership at Redeemer University to their business school students. I’m excited as the students are outstanding, but there’s a lot of prep involved, putting lectures together each week and marking assignments. Thank you for your prayers,”

Rachel McCordic, AIM.
“After many months of postponements, cancellations, and waiting, we finally have some new short-term missionaries heading to Africa this fall! Praise the Lord! Please pray for S, serving in North Africa Oct-Nov and for the M family making a vision trip to Kenya. Nov. Pray that I will have the right words to encourage and support these missionaries.”

Leah Hopp, Uganda.
“Would you please pray for nurse Tinah who has resigned? This is a significant loss to our clinic as well as to the community health team. Please pray that she will seek God in all things. I am taking up the supervision of the community health team again and will have to re-arrange some programming to continue with the research. Would you please pray for wisdom during the transition time?” Update: As of writing, Leah has malaria.

I & S. Perspectivas, Brasil.
“Thank God for more than 700 students registered for Perspectivas Online Course and another 160 pastors from Angola! Please pray for their spiritual enlightenment. Also, pandemic fatigue is rampant here; please pray for rest for all those weary from the daily losses.”

Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel.
“Colombia (South America) has more than 8 million forcefully displaced persons due to the most prolonged armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere. Please pray for the faculty and students of our Interdenominational Seminary in Medellin. In partnership with many churches in the city, they have developed and are implementing a profoundly effective holistic ministry. Christ is being presented to the displaced, enabling them to flourish spiritually and emotionally, physically, mentally, and economically.”

Sylvia Dresser.
“Indonesia, including Papua, is now a hotspot for COVID. Papua does not have facilities to care for COVID patients. A report from Simson states that he used the funds I sent to visit the villages of his church district. Pray for fruit from his preaching.”

Luke & Yuko Elliot, OMF, Japan.
“Local carpenters will begin work on building the frame, walls and roof of the new main building (originally scheduled to have been completed in July 2020). Please pray for wisdom in troubleshooting as COVID-19 has turned all our construction plans upside down.”

Barbara Rahn.
“Please pray for my niece Olivia who recently joined a team of other young adults sharing the Good News with folks in Peru. May the Lord supply all that is needed in His good time.”

Elizabeth Matthias, MTW, Germany.
“May the Lord continue to grant more wisdom and clarity for the Discovering Change talks to be a real blessing. Those in counselling are so heavily burdened, requiring broader help. May the Lord strengthen and equip the church!”

Dave & Rani, Brampton.
“Thank you so much for your prayers for Deepak. The pandemic has been brutal on him, but things are much better! Pray for our witness to our neighbours, as we plan either a Satsang or a neighbourhood street concert in early Sept. Please pray for Pas. Ramu, as he leads his fledgling church in Nepal, they are still in lockdown mode.”

Paul & Mary Beth McLean, PCC, Taiwan.
“Praise God for progress on the eleven indigenous Bible translation projects we support in Taiwan. The Kingdom of God has been advancing since Margy Mackay’s grandfather first landed in Tamsui in March 1872. Praise God for Margy and her family’s countless contributions to the Gospel mission in Formosa/Taiwan.”

Gus & Marliese, London.
“My ESL teaching with the Palestinian man is progressing. We finished reading John’s Gospel in Arabic and English. Pray that he will understand who Jesus is. The ESL with the Yazidis is still in its early stages. Pray that there will be opportunities to share the Gospel understandably.”

Mary Jane Fandrich.
“Pray for comfort for heartache when the ones to whom God has sent us deliberately refuse the love and peace of the Gospel. Wisdom for patient sharing and planting seeds of the Way, the Truth and the Life. We currently receive many Afghanis, and there is a newly-met family from Bangladesh in my apartment complex.”

Phase II Workers.
John & Debbie Bowen, Glenn & Fern Byerly: “Pray for those in Africa who don’t have vaccines or protective equipment and ventilators.”, Eleanor Crabtree, Diane Dadian, Gladys Linthicum, Norine Love, Patsy McCarthy, Clarence & Cathy McMullen, Marg Roth, Pam Stedman, Rosemary Walker and Diana Wadsworth. 

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